• Opening a New Restaurant? These Restaurant Furniture Trends Draw More Customers!

    Upholstery & Reupholstery

    Are you opening a new restaurant? Millwork and custom furniture stores are busy as ever as daring restauranteurs return in full-force! As you consider your physical location, keep these top restaurant trends in mind.

    Custom Elements in Restaurant Furniture

    Gone are the days where restaurant furniture was generic! Today’s hottest new restaurants are going custom, including custom-built tables, custom-designed chairs, and decorative millwork. Which sounds better to you—another black table with black chairs, or something creative and beautiful? Your customers will choose the custom option every time they visit your restaurant, so contact a custom furniture designer to help.

    Communal Eating and Differentiation by Design

    Communal eating, such as food halls or shared dining spaces, are seeing major popularity lately. So how can your large dining space differentiate areas? Nobody wants more signage, but custom millwork and custom-designed furniture can help to set your areas apart. Overwhelmed by the effort needed to manage major furniture purchasing tasks like this with a small team? The best custom furniture stores offer purchasing assistance to connect you with the best custom furniture.

    Natural Elements in Custom Furniture

    As the world becomes more high-tech, the furniture trends move in stark opposition! Some of today’s hottest restaurants heavily feature natural wood or stone in their design. Working with natural materials can be a challenge, but not when you work with a skilled furniture design and fabrication company! Whether you want fully-natural pieces, or natural elements mingled in with modern features, we can help you design the perfect piece.

    Don’t wait—start planning the furniture design for your new restaurant today. Call or email CN Millwork and Custom Furniture Design to speak with one of our fabrication specialists.


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