• Here Are Some of the Best Fabrics for Custom Restaurant Upholstery

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    Here Are Some of the Best Fabrics for Custom Restaurant Upholstery

    Custom restaurant furniture upholstery can be the difference between a “nice restaurant” and an “amazing dining experience.” You know which review you want on your website—now you need a high-end custom furniture builder to transform that furniture. Consider these top fabrics for custom restaurant upholstery.

    For very high-end restaurants, you want to show your customers just how flush you are. That’s why you should work with NJ’s best furniture upholsterers to choose an elegant, extravagant fabric such as silk or velvet for your dining chairs. These don’t hold up well against wear and tear, spills, or drips, so make sure that your guests have the finest dining manners.

    For many restaurants, cotton is the right choice for restaurant upholstery. Less delicate than velvet, more stylish than human-made materials, natural cotton can come in varying levels of strength, stability, and style. Cotton-based fabrics can be dyed to nearly any color, and customized just how you’d like them. They clean up well, but do require regular maintenance.

    For busy restaurants or bars, vinyl is the way to go! Custom vinyl upholstery from NJ’s best furniture fabricators will last a long time, and is so easy to clean up! Vinyl is waterproof by nature, and can be ordered in many different colors. When you hire NJ’s custom upholstery services to upholster your chairs, stools, or benches, you can create an interesting design that lasts for years.

    We can’t finish this post without mentioning leather! We love building custom restaurant furniture with leather upholstery or other leather elements. Leather just looks so rustic, and is long-lasting. You want to avoid leather for wet or moist spaces, and will need to maintain it on occasion, but if you treat it well, it will age beautifully alongside your other restaurant furnishings.
    If you have a custom furniture project, upholstery idea, or reupholstering needs for commercial furniture in NJ, call the team at CN Millwork to bring it to life!


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