• Here’s Why Your Fabric Choice Matters for Restaurant Upholstery in NJ

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    When is a chair more than just a place to sit? When NJ’s best furniture reupholsters have tackled it for custom upholstery! Ready to take your business furniture to the next level? For custom restaurant and hospitality furniture in New Jersey, call the team at CN Millwork today.

    After all, that’s what your customers will see when they walk through your business doors. But have you given a lot of thought to the fabric selection? Keep reading to see why fabric choice is so important for restaurant furniture upholstery projects in New Jersey.

    For High-Traffic Areas, Vinyl is Reliable

    For most restaurants, a high-quality vinyl seat cover is your solution to save costs and keep everything looking its best. Vinyl is resistant to almost everything, including spills, drips, drops, and dirt, and your restaurant staff can clean and sanitize vinyl seating quickly and easily. Vinyl is available in thousands of colors, and sometimes available for custom print. For restaurants that see a lot of traffic, that serve children, or that require quick and easy cleanup, this is a go-to material.

    If you own or manage an upscale, elegant restaurant in NJ, your furniture should match. When you know that your customers are coming in their best suits, you can boost the quality of your fabric as well. From plush, velvet seats, to sturdy cotton and linen, to damask coverings, you can raise the quality of your seating to match your four-star restaurant. Ask your furniture fabricator in NJ about sealants and stain protectors to help extend the longevity of these seating options.

    Alternatives to “Fabric” for Your Next Remodel

    Next time you remodel your restaurant, ask yourself if you really need upholstered chairs at all! When you work with a company that is experienced in fine millwork and custom furniture design, you can customize your dining chairs in all sorts of creative ways.
    If you or your interior designer have questions about the fabric selections and fabrication process, call the experts at CN Millwork. We’ll help you get your restaurant’s furniture and millwork looking exactly the way you want it to.


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