• This is How Commercial Grade Furniture in NJ Differs From Furniture at Home

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    This is How Commercial Grade Furniture in NJ Differs From Furniture at Home

    Nearly everyone uses furniture, but the grade of furniture your NJ business uses should be a little higher than the grade of furniture you use at home. How is commercial grade furniture different from your residential furnishings? Keep reading to find out!

    What would you rather wear on a 3-day hike through the muddy woods: a pair of work boots, or something stylish that you’d wear to a dance club? Most of us would choose the work boots, because they’re made of strong, sturdy materials, and intended for heavy use. Commercial restaurant furniture from NJ’s best furniture builders is a lot like work boots—we choose the strongest materials and construct them to withstand heavy, everyday use. This is important for your restaurant, bar, or hospitality business, because you want lots of customers. While home furniture is built to last for years in your home, it’s not made for the use and abuse it gets at a business.

    In addition to building a stronger piece of furniture, commercial furniture makers in NJ know that there are many safety regulations that guide commercial design. For example, while you can get away with pretty much any materials for home use, most regulations for commercial furniture include minimum weight limits, fire resistance, and accessibility considerations. You never know who will visit your business, or what challenges it may face, so having commercial furniture that meets your needs makes life easier.
    Even if you can get away with using home furniture for your restaurant, you won’t be using it very long. When our team of custom restaurant furniture fabricators makes furniture, we use long-lasting, commercial-quality materials to build that furniture. This extends the life of your furniture so you aren’t spending your capital on it each year. Commercial restaurant furniture can be more expensive than the “cheap” furniture you find for your home at big box stores, and for good reasons. Make sure to bring the best to your customers and guests when you work with an experienced custom furniture maker in NJ.


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