• How to Choose Between NJ’s Best Bar Stools, Counter Stools, and Dining Chairs

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    How to Choose Between NJ’s Best Bar Stools, Counter Stools, and Dining Chairs

    When furnishing a restaurant, you have plenty of choices for furniture. NJ’s furniture fabricators at CN Millwork are pleased to offer a variety of ready-to-order barstools, counter stools, and dining chairs, and we’re here to share insights on which may be best for your bar or restaurant.

    What sort of seating options should your restaurant or bar have? To start, you need to consider the structure of your setting. Does your restaurant have standard-height tables or booths? In that case, you almost always want a set of dining chairs. When you shop CN Millwork’s wide selection of dining chairs, you’re sure to find something that promotes your brand and style! On the other hand, if your space is filled with a full bar, pedestal-style high-tops, or high tables, a bar stool or counter stool is the best option.

    Thinking back to that last question—why choose? In fact some of the best bars and restaurants offer a variety of seating options. That means that you may have a barstool or counter stool in some areas, and booths or dining chairs in other areas. Offering a variety of seating choices for your guests is a smart idea, especially if you serve a wide range of customers. Keep in mind that young children, people of larger sizes, and those with mobility limitations are likely to struggle with bar stools, even though many people love the casual seating solution. Offer both for the best of both worlds.
    No matter what seating options you choose for your business, always work with a commercial restaurant furniture company that deals in commercial-grade or contract-grade furniture. Your dining chairs at home are made for light use—just you and your family or friends. Commercial-grade furniture in NJ is built to withstand heavy, daily use. Buying the right furniture keeps your guests safer and helps you reduce costs. Ready to find the perfect seating solution for your business? Visit CN Millwork today to explore our wide selection of counter stools, dining chairs, and bar stools in NJ.


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