• What Custom Commercial Upholsterers Want You To Know About Caring For Upholstery

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    For All Custom Upholstery in NJ, Vacuum First!

    If your business has custom upholstery, it requires special care. Commercial upholsterers in New Jersey have fielded dozens of phone calls and emails from our satisfied clients asking how they can properly clean and care for their custom upholstery to make it last as long as possible while still looking attractive. Here are some of our favorite tips to keep your custom furniture looking its best.

    The single most important thing you can do to keep your custom upholstery looking its best is to vacuum it. At minimum, weekly vacuuming will pick up dirt, dust, and debris before they work their way deep into the fabric. At most, you should vacuum after every spill or crumb drops on your upholstery. Small vacuum accessories and brush tools are a great way to clean a little deeper.

    When you hired custom upholstery services in NJ, you had a specific design, color, and style in mind. Don’t wash out these colors with harsh materials! Most upholstered furniture can be easily spot-cleaned with a mild solution of warm water and dish soap. Always dry your custom upholstery as fully as possible, first by blotting with a clean towel, then by allowing it to air dry. For bigger damp spots, consider turning a fan on to dry it faster.

    If you get a big stain on your custom restaurant upholstery, should you bring out the bleach? Absolutely not, says the best custom furniture upholsterers in town. Instead, contact the custom restaurant upholstery company who fabricated your piece. They may be able to recommend a situation-specific solution, and if all else fails, they can help you repair your custom upholstery.

    When you invest a lot of resources into custom restaurant furniture, you know it needs the best maintenance. Keep your custom furniture upholstery in its best shape with these tips, or contact the team at CN Millwork in NJ with questions about your upholstery project.


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