• Can You Combine Materials When Ordering Custom Made Furniture?

    Upholstery & Reupholstery

    If you’ve ever tried to order custom made furniture in New Jersey, you may have run into a few snags. Some furniture makers will only work with certain materials, some refuse to work with anything but their favorite material, and some send you all over town to add different elements to your custom furniture project. If all this has you exhausted already, keep reading to see how the team at CN Millwork does it differently!

    Mix Fabrics with Expert Upholstery Services in NJ

    The most simple combination request that our custom made furniture team in NJ gets is to mix fabrics. Perhaps an interior designer loves the idea of a fluffy, fun chair back, but recognizes that the seat itself could use a sturdier fabric. Maybe your bar features plenty of leather elements and edges, but you want something softer on the inside of the seating. When you work with the best upholsterers in NJ, mixing fabrics is easy!

    One of the reasons the team at CN Millwork first started fabricating furniture in NJ is because there just weren’t enough places that could fabricate a custom piece of furniture from top to bottom. Since we work with metal, leather, vinyl, wood, laminate, cloth, and more, we can build whole furniture pieces to your exact specifications. Don’t ask your restaurant designer to limit their plans—mix it all up for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture in New Jersey!

    While most of the best furniture fabricators in NJ should be able to handle mixed materials, decorative millwork is a specialty that you won’t find everywhere. Whether you need wooden ornamental millwork, or decorative metalwork, these fine details ensure that your space looks like no other!

    If you have a custom furniture project for your business or the business of a client you design furniture for, don’t run around to different fabrication shops to make your vision real. Come to CN Millwork in NJ for a combination of materials to fit your exact design!


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